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Secret Desires of a Gentleman
by Lisa (troutqueen)
at December 1st, 2008 (10:43 pm)

by Laura Lee Gurhke

I just finished this one. I've liked Gurhke in the past. She tells a good enough story that I can forgive some of the not-quite-right cultural accuracy. This one, however, had good elements that were thoroughly, painfully beaten away by the poor handling of the romance/relationship and the characters. UGH. This was an obvious derivative of Sabrina, one of my favorite movies (both original and remake). The servant's daughter returns after a time abroad in which she becomes a polished and accomplished entrepreneur/pastry chef. Definitely not the type a marquess should be dabbling with, despite their history.

Primarily, I disliked the hero. He was a snob to the bitter end, and his turnaround was so quick and so unbelievable, I can see only a miserable h/h in 5 years from the end of the book. He's going to continue being overbearing, snobby, elitest. I didn't buy his change.

I didn't care for the heroine's change in the end, either. She gave up something that had seemed to be her dream. Something she'd held as a torch for a very, very long time, and something she was obviously good at. It wasn't believable to her character.

The end felt sudden, as if the author ran out of word count and just ended the book. Unsatisfying. I wanted an epilogue to reassure me that they really did have a freakin' happy ending, despite my disbelief that they would do so.

Some good elements, as I said, that were handled very badly. Hope her next one is better!


Posted by: Ashlee (winterwaltz6)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad to hear you say this! I read all of Gurhke's books not too long ago but when I got to this one, I could only manage about a 100 pages and quit because I just didn't like the hero. Afterwards I felt slightly guilty because I love her other works, and I figured she had to have had some master plan that I missed out on. It seems she did not!

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