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Reviews of Romance Novels and Novels with Romantic Elements

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This is a community simply to post your reviews of romance novels, and novels with romantic elements. Discussion is welcome and encouraged!

How you organize your review is entirely up to you; however, I ask that you put depth into why you liked or disliked a book, and use some tact and class. This isn't a venue to rip up on an author you don't like, or name call. Thoughtful, intelligent reviewing of a book is encouraged. I discourage reviews that only say "I liked it. Go read it." as it doesn't contribute anything to the reader dialogue.

When you review, consider such things as:

The characters -- what did you like about them? What didn't you like? Did they feel real? Were they over the top?
The plot -- did it work for you? Was it fleshed out? Did it need more? Were there holes?
The setting -- did it feel real and accurate? Were there inaccuracies in the time period or country?
The writing style -- did it flow? Was it lyrical? Stifling? Was the language and dialogue appropriate?

Tags: To make this searchable for others, please tag your reviews as follows:

  • Author (first name last name)
  • Subgenre (historical, regencies, paranormals, contemporaries, suspense, etc)
  • Keywords (vampires, erotica, werewolves, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, etc)

And one last thing: Please place major plot spoilers behind a cut. Sometimes plot spoilers ruin the book for people.

Have fun, and hope to see some great reviews here!